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Trade Finance Document Automation Platform

By increased efficiency in operations and strengthened operational control, SIMBA is expected to improve the Customer Experience in Trade Finance Document processing. Traditional documentary trade needs millions of data elements in paper-based, unstructured documents, which are issued often by various companies. It takes a largely manual process to review the documents, which by implementing Trade AI Engine gets automated to a significant extent.

The solution helps financial institutions in converting non-digitized International Trade documents into machine-readable format through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which also identifies and classify trade document types.

Why is SIMBA a unique platform for International Trade Finance?

intelligent trade finance automation
compliance check and validation
Manage required compliance
checks and data validation through a single solution.
SimplyFI Softech India Pvt Ltd
and auto classify trade documents
Market statics
growth & advance analysis.

Solution Highlights

automating trade document classification

Rapid Classification

Accelerating Trade Finance Documents classification makes bank sufficiency checks to expedite.

trade finance automation using machine learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning enables the solution to adapt to the context of a specific business environment.

cross document validation in trade finance

Document Screening

Automated Document pre-sanction screening reduces risk and improves compliance.

trade document scanning using OCR

Cross Document Validation

Our AI engine checks for duplications and errors in the trade documentation that can slow or reject the processing of transactions.

optimizing and automating trade finance

Optimized Process

Optimized Trade Finance processes increases transaction capacity and improves performance.

automating trade finance adhering to various ISBP publications

Adherence to ISBP Publications

Our AI engine adheres to UCP 600, URC 522 and URR 725 uniform rules.

The Digital Process In Trade Finance

Automating Trade Finance Document workflows benefits every department of the bank. It enables smarter decision making,
improves workforce productivity, and enhances customer satisfaction. Adopting IDA unlocks the power
of business information. It is a journey that requires multiple steps,
but successfully navigating it reaps significant rewards.

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