Changing Trade Finance
Dynamics through Blockchain

What Platform offers

INVOIZO is a B2B trade and financing platform where it brings sellers, buyers and Financial institutions on to a network of a single platform. You can find sellers from the enormous product list, negotiate on the go, find competitive pricing and can also find institutions to finance Trade receivables. Trade with a tap of a button as the entire trade cycle is made digital. Our automated Intelligent Data capture and Analysis is a unique feature which would analyze your risk assessment for financing. INVOIZO is a platform for you to grow your network for future business and get uninterrupted working capital for the trade requirements.
Blockchain and our Promise

Blockchain-enabled trade networks can benefit all stakeholders by reducing friction from the logistical and operational inefficiencies across the trade finance value chain. In the short term, Blockchain would be instrumental in optimizing business processes by reducing redundancies and implementation inefficiencies. The cryptographic security underlying blockchain technology enables information immutability and credibility. The network consensus mechanism provides a single source of truth for enabling native issuance of financial assets.

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