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Ashutosh KumarJanuary 27, 2020 0

INVOIZO, we speak the language of invoice financing.

Invoice discounting is not all about selling invoices at a discount. If you have trade receivables lying around, but you need quick cash, discounting improves your balance sheet by turning assets into money. Invoice discounting is a cash advance for working capital, where the invoices stand as security. It’s better than a loan because loans require collateral. Collaterals limit your hard assets, and no one likes having to repay a debt when they are forced to take a loan.

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Small businesses might also look for a receivables-based line of credit to help improve the working capital situation within the company. A lender will collateralize the cash held in invoices, accounts receivables, and business assets to give you access to a credit line.

How ​ INVOIZO​ has been a game-changer?

At INVOIZO, we cover the entire paradigm of supply chain and invoice financing. Here, the customer journey starts from supplier-buyer interaction for goods/services to purchase order and finally digital invoice generation for goods procured by the buyer. The platform provides a marketplace for buyers to procure goods at the best competitive prices. INVOIZO also provides the seller to encash his invoice to select financing partners to obtain cash in advance.

Blockchain as an enabler

INVOIZO​ being an ​ invoice financing platform​ on the blockchain, enables all the transactions to be highly secured and transparent. A smart contract also empowers the stakeholders for easy repayment options which enables to take control of the cashflows. The platform provides a plethora of options to all the stakeholders with a decentralized mechanism. This is the first platform in India offering supply chain financing on the blockchain.

  • Market place for buyers
  • Digital Invoicing
  • Up to 90% financing
  • Hassle-free KYC
  • Credit opinion report
  • Blockchain-Enabled
  • Collateral free finance
  • Funds disbursed on the next business day

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