Why SimplyFI?

A pioneer in building the world’s first trade financing platform on Blockchain.

Adding Quantum to Quality
We build products & protocols which unlocks business value.

Our Range of Products

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based on cutting-edge technologies that run your buisness securely & effectively.



Asia’s first invoice discounting marketplace on Blockchain and AI. The faster process increased ROI through cutting edge technology.

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A digital platform for the banks across the globe which automates entire International trade document scrutiny. SIMBA is capable of generating both AI report and Manual Report.

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Settle all the intercompany transactions on Blockchain. Govern and audit every transaction.

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Industries We Serve

  • 01. Banking

    Securly transmit data & value to reduce the cost of processing payments.

  • 02. Finance

    Digitized trade finance solutions with intelligent automation technology.

  • 03.Digital Supply Chain

    Making supply chain management more efficient by reducing unnecessary channels to access information.


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News & Press

By Ashutosh Kumar
Champions NASSCOM Data challenge !

Winners of Nasscom Data Challenge Challenges have been a synonym for SimplyFI. SimplyFI’ans have again delivered a power packing punch in a data

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By Antra Gupta
Asia’s TOP 10 Blockchain companies!

The business of global trade is very complex. Added to this complexity is the number of players in the ecosystem which includes buyers

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