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Company Information

Founded in 2016, as a new-age product development company, SimplyFI develop products in the areas of Telecom, Retail and Banking enabled by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. We bring the latest technology and Trade Finance expertise in the market. Together with an innovative team of SimplyFI, we have developed Asia’s first Invoice Discounting Marketplace on Blockchain.

We also have built a Trade Finance Platform on enterprise-grade Blockchain Technology to support global trade deals with the infrastructure needed to participate with a high-available and highly-scalable network where trade services including financial, shipping and insurance services can inter-operate and collaborate in a secure way.

What We Do

SimplyFI unleashes new possibilities by boosting the next wave of innovation through the products which enhance the banking, finance and telecom industry. Our enterprise-ready Blockchain solutions allow enterprises to integrate applications in a cost-effective manner.

Given the experience and expertise of SimplyFI, our team has got more than 50+ years of collective experience in the domain. We are rewiring the thousand-year-old Trade Finance ecosystem by providing a connected and secured platform for corporates, financial institutions, and B2B networks through standard communication channels (APIs) and leveraging Blockchain technology.

Our Solutions

With the ever-changing dynamics of Trade Finance across the globe in a very highly competitive market environment, SimplyFI with its solid technology backbone strives to provide the best in class customer experiences.

Our Blockchain solutions are poised to bring positive change in Trade Finance and could affect every business that conducts cross border business or trade. We are on the race to make history and provide scalable solutions in Trade Finance.