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Pratyusha Ammu February 10, 2020 0

Marketplace lending for your invoices: A paradigm shift in enhancing business growth

SME’s are the heartline of Economic Growth. They contribute 8% of the GDP, 45% of total manufacturing output, lastly 40% of the exports from the country. They help in the economic balance of a country. SME growth is a major concern and Financing has been a barrier in their growth path. The age of the firm increases the probability of the firm to get a loan. New private firms are de novo and usually do not have business or credit history, track record and hence banks are reluctant to loan these firms.

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Powering the growth of SME’s in India

Understanding these blockades INVOIZO established a credit-information infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises. The platform provides a wider set of credit providers such as NBFCs and microfinance institutions, which could broadly increase the guarantee of acquiring credit for the business. We empower SME’s with a ​ financial marketplace that will help them to overcome Supply chain inefficiencies, global and local competition and insufficient skilled manpower which could choke out SMEs that aren’t ready to take the bull by the horns and create their own path for growth.

Supply Chain Finance​ Marketplace

INVOIZO is a ​ Marketplace for every stakeholder. Buyer has a plethora of sellers to choose from for goods with competitive pricing, Sellers are powered by a list of financiers to run their cash flows ringing and financial institutions with many invoices to cash on. The platform covers the entire spectrum of supply chain financing powered by blockchain. By bringing entire supply chain finance on the blockchain, invoice financing becomes completely digital keeping loads of documentation at bay.

Be part of the journey

Making purchases on the platform to get financed for your invoice can all be done in a day with INVOIZO. Such is the magnitude and fast-paced process INVOIZO is equipped with. It enables to maintain suppliers with cashflows such that they could jump-start new business with immediate funds. On boarding process on the platform is a minute’s work. We keep helping you to reap profits through business because we understand what it requires the most to run your business.

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